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We are the exclusive distributor in Autralia and New Zealand for:
Aviation Jets
Rocky's Shock Wave Jets

These products cannot be bought direct from the factories or from resellers in China.
We are aware of an on-line shop advertising these products and having "Global Warehouses". They are not an authorised reseller and will not be able to get stock and support. Buy from reputable suppliers or you will not get support.

Swiwin Turbine China together with DragonRC are starting a branch in Melbourne, (Swiwin Turbine Australia), to cater to the sales, support and service/repair for our local customers and the Asia/Pacific region. This is a very exciting time for us.

A fully equipped service/repair centre , carrying a full complements of spares, will be established here with factory trained technicians.

Swiwin is one of the most innovative and advanced state-of-the-art turbines for RC jets. Only top grade components are manufactured and used. Constant research and development are undertaken. We have made many innovative improvements in recent months. We will also be expanding our product range. Better the best and then start again.

Swiwin turbines is the world's first to have auto-restart on flame out feature.

Swiwin turbines starter motors and fuel pumps are brushless. Then a clutch-less starter motor. Brushless motors are more reliable, have longer life and much faster acceleration and response.

Swiwin turbines have a high tolerance for bubbles – while others flame out Swiwin turbines are still burning and flying.
More models will be coming in the near future like a small SW45B and a monster SW345B.

These and many projected innovations are collectively far ahead of our competitors. Swiwin sets the standard and benchmark.

All Swiwin Turbines delivered by Swiwin Turbine Australia will have the Swiwin Turbine Australia logo displayed on the GSU.

Watch this space.

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Zerouav - DragonRCGemini Dual Redundancy AutoPilot Wilga PZL-104 100cc Gasoline FrSky - DragonRC  X8R Long Range Receiver Replacement PCB Antenna
Zerouav Gemini Dual Redundancy AutoPilot
Our Price: $2,088.00 Inc GST
Wilga PZL-104 100cc Gasoline
Our Price: $1,868.00 Inc GST
ZeroUAV YS-S4 V2 Multi rotor Autopilot DragonRC 20cc Profile Sbach 342 DragonRC -  Power HD 40A SBEC ESC for Plane/Heli
ZeroUAV YS-S4 V2 Multi rotor Autopilot
Our Price: $238.00 Inc GST
DragonRC Sbach 342 Profile 20cc Gasoline or Electric
Our Price: $369.00 Inc GST
Sale Price: $288.00 Inc GST
Power HD 40A SBEC ESC for Plane/Heli
Our Price: $54.80 Inc GST