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ZeroUAV YS-X6P Autopilot with extra IMU for Balanced Camera Gimbal
ZeroUAV - DragonRC YS-X6P Autopilot with extra Camera IMU

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ZeroUAV YS-X6P Autopilot with Extra IMU for stabilising Balance Camera Gimbal.
Can be used on ZeroUAV Steadi470 or Ecilop Easy Kit Multi Rotor copters.
YS-X6 autopilot is a tremendous flight system for multi-rotors Supporting Android/Apple IOS and PC system and providing excellent auto-navigation, target lock, self-leveling and position/altitude holding. It is designed for both professional and hobby applications in commercial and industrial platform, can be installed easily in various common aircraft types from Quad-rotor to Octo-rotor (Including common Customize Motor Mixer) and supports most common third-party commercial ESCs. YS-X6 adopts ARM+FPGA classic structure, integrates high-precision sensor elements, applys advanced temperature compensation arithmetic and industrial attitude arithmetic, 400MHz refresh frequency as well, to make the system more stable, efficient and realiable. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AIRCRAFT TYPES SUPPORTED/CUSTOMIZE PARAMETERS Compatible with various common multirotor platform and support customized Parameters. Support Quad-rotor, Hexa-rotor and Octo-rotor and other common multi-rotor aircrafts. In customized parameters, users can select customize mixer style according to its motors and setup parameters of THR, Course Angle, Roll, Pitch to make it be compatible with Customize Motor Mixer. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GIMBAL STABILIZATION YS-X6 gimbal stabilization module is compatible with common 2-axis gimbal structure. One-time parameters setup can correct and adjust the gimbal in time, the autopilot system can read real time attitude of the aircraft, to make the task loading keep in a stable angle and increase the stabillization duiring arial filming or photography. The scope of gimbal servo output frequency is: 50HZ (analogue servo), 250HZ, 333HZ (digital servo). YS-X6 can be extended to control the multirotors with Steadicam gimbal structure independently, make your flight more stable and reliable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT S-BUS RECEIVER Compatible with most transmitters and receivers in the market, like PCM and 2.4GHz, simple and practical, providing more choices to users. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MONITOR REAL TIME POWER AND VOLTAGE The power management module is used on YS-X6 system to calculate the real time consumption. When this module starts to work, autopilot will zero sensor automatically, then GCS will display the current in Ampere & display power consumption in mAh according to the output of power management module. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ONITOR MOTOR ROTATION SPEED When your are using S-Bus, if the channel C8、A、E、T、R、C5 is empty, the speed sensor can be inserted. In "Data" of GCS, it displays the accurate rotation speed of each motor, to monitor the efficiency and balance of multirotor. But when S-Bus is not used, this function does not work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUILT-IN DAMPER There is built-in damper inside IMU, no need to add any additional damper, just simple sticking IMU to the frame can work well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ACCURATE POSITION LOCK YS-X6 use MS5801 as its air pressure sensor, altitude measure precision is10cm, it calculates the attitude and vertical velocity by Kalman filting method, controlling precision is 20cm.With YS-X6 installed, your multi-rotor can lock longitude/latitude a ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ INTELLIGENT MOTOR ARM/DISARM Arm motor: After landing or before take-off, only if it is manual mode and the throttle stick is at the bottom position, the insurance can be enabled after 5 seconds; After the insurance is enabled, even if you push the throttle stick, the motors will not work. But you can arm the motor by clicking "enable insurance" in GCS or moving transmitter stick as V shape to make the motors rotate again. Disarm motor: Only in manual mode and without holding altitude, the motors will stop rotating when pulling throttle stick back to the bottom. In other conditions, the motors will just decline the altitude but not stop rotating. There have 4 ways to stop motors urgently! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTELLIGENT FLIGHT CONTROL MODE Two 3-position switches(CH5&CH6) can decide all flight control modes simply. Manual mode/Attitude mode/GPS attitude mode is controlled through CH5. Auto Hover mode /Auto Navigation mode /Auto Go Home mode is controlled through CH6. Details: CH5 CH6 It works only when CH5 at position 3 Position 1 Manual Mode Red light blinks for 3 times Position 1 Auto Hover mode Position 2 Attitude Mode Blue light blinks twice Position 2 Auto Navigation mode Position 3 GPS Attitude Mode Green light blinks once Position 3 Auto Go Home mode Remarks 1. CH6 is available only when CH5 is at position 3. 2. Quit from any mode in CH 6, need to switch CH5 from position 3 to other positions. Example: If you want to fly in Auto Navigation mode, switch CH5 to position 3 first, then switch CH6 to position 2. If you want quit from Auto Navigation mode, need to switch CH5 from position 3 to position 1 or position 2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TARGET POINT LOCK In Auto Hover mode, select any one target point on map and confirm it, the aircrafthead will be lock in pointing to the target point and flight around the target point. It is very easy and convenient by operating aileron to make it fly encircle&elevator to setup the radius. It is suitable for all-round shooting of a fixed scenic spot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "AUTO GO HOME" COMMAND FROM TRANSMITTER In addition to Auto Go Home in Fail-Safe, you can also enable Auto Go Home function from switches on transmitter, and unnessary to turn into Fail-safe mode. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAIL-SAFE AND AUTO GO HOME Anytime when your aircraft gets lost, Fail-safe function can help it stay at a safe position and Auto-hover for 5 seconds then Auto Go Home. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOW VOLTAGE ALERT You can monitor the voltage value directly on GCS or LED light can tell you when voltage is low, but there have one more great way to warn you intelligently-phone vibration! Interval vibration warns you notice that the voltage is getting low. Constant vibration warns you should land your multirotor urgently. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEADING GCS SYSTEM YS-X6 come with three versions of GCS: Android, Apple IOS and PC GCS. Phone/Tablet can be used as ground station, GCS records real time flight data, any time you want to check, you can go there. Designing waypoints on map of GCS , adjusting your multirotor, become much easier and more convenient with this GCS system. In addition, GCS interface can be customized as your requirements and needs. PHONE CONTROL In GPS mode, phone control can be enabled with one button any time you want to control your multirotor by phone, one button touching/clicking " RC off/ RC on" in GCS to start phone control. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PHONE ATTITUDE MODE YS-X6 has a new feature now, you can control the multirotor through a phone attitudde changing. Simple touching/clicking "Attitude on" in GCS, blue operating cross will lead you experience this cool feature. Notice: Flat your phone before enabling this mode. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW ME Another cool feature comes with YS-X6 as well: Multirotor will fly following up your phone in the condition that the phone has GPS functions. During flight, the aircrafthead will always face to phone, and the direction of aircrafthead is locked. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JOYSTICK YS-X6 supports a joystick with extended wifi module, it will bring you a brand-new fly experience! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DATA LINK EXTENSION To increase flight range, a data link can be added to YS-X6, like XB-PRO900 which is with 900MHZ frequency/100mW power/115200BPS baud rate and support RS232 port -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

YS-X6P with full feature unlocked

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