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ZeroUAV-DragonRC OSD

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ZeroUAV OSD (on screen display) module for zero flight control. The voltage, the GPS coordinate, return point coordinates, height, speed, throttle, pitch, roll and other important flight data displayed on the video. The pilot can have complete flight data during flight. Makes flying more relaxed. Power supply and can provide 5V 2A for video input, output device, for example GOPRO3.

Support: Gemini Autopilot, X4P, X6P, X4, S4

Working voltage: 2-6S lithium battery

Size: 50*46*12mm

Weight: 40g

- TX power supply and AV signal line, which can be used to provide 5V voltage to the chart of TX Red wire positive power supply, black negative power supply, the white AV signal output.

- camera power supply and AV signal line, 5V voltage is used to provide the camera. The red wire for power supply, black wire negative of the power supply, the white AV signal input.

- serial data output line, the line is connected with the data input port of Wifi.

- serial data input line, the line connecting flight control serial data output port.

- OSD main power line, compatible with 2S~6S cells.

- mode switch key and mode indicator.

- radius (unit: M)

- time of flight

- voltage alarm, flashes a warning sign, conventional display for voltage two alarm.

- memory card status indication, no symbol displayed the memory card has been inserted; symbol displayed memory card not detected.

- serial port status indicator, is used for indicating the state of the serial connection between OSD and flight control, symbol flashes for serial data anomalies, no symbol appears normal serial data.

- of the actual amount of rudder throttle instructions, cursor control actual output throttle control quantity, scale the vernier zero scale numerical representation, beside the throttle specific data.

- return indicator, when the tail alignment take-off point, return indicator is located just below the cross bar, at the same time return indicator by small triangle to triangle symbol, the remote control aircraft take-off point toward your direction; the tail direction than the take-off point offset more big, return indicator deviates from the cross bars farther. The take-off point of aircraft power gain of 6 GPS satellites, aircraft location. (this function is only valid in GPS mode and GPS coordinates)

- waypoints has been set

- the current target waypoint number

- aircraft horizontal velocity (unit: KM/h)

- aircraft from takeoff point height (unit: M)

- retention

- aircraft from takeoff point horizontal distance (unit: M)

- power current value (unit: A)

- the number of the GPS satellite

- shaking coefficient

- vibration coefficient

- aircraft pitch angle indicator

- vehicle roll angle indicator

- vehicle lifting the status indicator, the arrow to the said aircraft in high state, arrow down said aircraft in low state, the length of the arrow indicates the high or low speed probable value.

- aircraft heading angle indicator (only in GPS mode will be effective course angle indicator, or heading angle often North)

Indicator 22 flight mode, GPS GPS mode; MM manual mode; NAV navigation mode;

GH autopilot mode.

- control voltage value (unit: V)

- power consumption value (unit: mAH)

- remote control receiver state.

Installation steps

1. the state of the power will map transmitter, WiFi (radio), camera, flight control and the corresponding OSD according to the instructions inserted plug.

2.confirm the above devices connected correctly to the OSD main power line and connected with the battery. If OSD red indicator is on and the received video show that equipment installation is successful; otherwise, disconnect the power and check connections.

3 .mode selection

To meet different needs, the OSD through the MODE button can be configured to suit.

When the indicator is red indicates that the current model for the detailed model, the indicator light is green said the current mode to streamline patterns.

4. the flight data playback

When the micro-SD card is present on the OSD, real time flight data will be automatically recorded and the file name will have the suffix ".HJ".

The data can be viewed with the PC GCS system.

5.the firmware upgrade

The OSD support firmware upgrade, to ensure that the user gets the latest features. The upgrade process is as follows:

1. from the official website of zero download the firmware file, and ensure that the file name is UPDATA;

2. load the firmware file onto the micro-SD card;

3. load the micro-SD card into the OSD unit micro-SD card slot;

4. connecting OSD main power supply, light is red and green flash alternately shows equipment is in upgrade state. Do not disconnect the power supply! If the indicator light does not appear red and green flashes alternately, disconnect and reconnect the OSD main power supply;

5. indicator light stops flashing, firmware upgrade is complete.

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