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ZERO UAV can provide infrared and visible light cameras with high-quality imaging system which provides rapid pilotless airplane low-altitude remote sensing system for national land and resources together with emission platform on the aircraft. The product is mainly applied in digital national engineering, national land and resources investigation and engineering relying on technology. It is the brand-new achievement presenting to the nation and society, thus meeting current and long-term demand on economic development and social progress. The product is suitable for mineral resources, surface water, underground water, geological disaster warning, natural disaster and ecological environment (cyanobacteria in Taihu Lake), land sandification evaluation, typical city survey, key engineering address and line selection, land and resources monitor and investigation engineering, mineral resources evaluation engineering, marine resources monitor and other national land and resources survey etc..
Land Resources Survey - the characteristics of the UAV platform:
1 A stable flying platform, slow flying speed, low-altitude flying, aerial photography suitable for large-scale;
2 Digital PTZ combined with GPS, the accurate target location ;
3 Automatic takeoff and landing, eliminating the trouble of years of flight operations training;
4 Ortho-gimbal and multi-angle imaging, high-precision photography;
5 The possibilities of carrying out the system in the harsh natural conditions;
6 Purchase, use and maintenance in low-cost .