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The maximum advantage of UAV is its capability to shoot immediate and accurate frames in wicked geographic conditions, adapting to various geographic and geomorphic conditions, such as lake, forest, cliff and cheuch without being limited by the observation technical conditions, therefore, 3 to 4 camera shooting subsystem are installed on the plane body, high-density shooting with the target area from each angle is the standard system configuration of unmanned wild animal monitoring plane.  Generally, UAV can take high-density photography to get high-definition image data in migratory birds flight paths, migration stopped moving perchs, breeding, wintering etc. where there are lots of wild animals.
So we can master the wild animals resources situation, the number of wild animals and habitat condition. Electric type B can be equipped with DV, the oil-powered UAV can be equipped with infrared detection equipment and the DV, so it can take video in the day and take pictures at night.

UAV's flying height and photographic angle are controlled by the ground station software, it is not only applicable to monitor threatened species, but also to monitor wildlife habitats, raise conditions, trading status and so on,  And at the same time it has the other functions such as natural hazards detection, gather evidence on disorderly hunting, protect wild animals medicine digging, and poaching management etc.