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As a specially designed air vehicle to accomplish border patrol missions, this "Border Patrol UAV" combines "early warning, surveillance, shock and awe, evidence-taking" functions together. As a kind of brand-new high-tech approach, deployment of UAV for border patrol in special border geographic environments perfectly remedies the disadvantages of piloted helicopter and camera monitoring technologies. UAV is capable of conducting very low altitude, low altitude and middle-high altitude flight as well as bird's-eye view scanning operations. It features extensive surveillance coverage, time-efficient operation, quick response and strong interference rejection capabilities. In addition, UAV integrates advanced technologies such as GPS, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) information transmission equipment, autopilot and integrated ground station, flight track planning, electronic mapping software, etc. The UAV developed by our company also delivers automatic takeoff, circling and landing functions, which makes it unnecessary for pilot training. Overall, this UAV enjoys significant potentials for quick application and promotion in China's border patrol sector.
The advantages of UAV on border patrol
1 Compared to piloted helicopter surveillance, low-cost UAV features quick deployment, easier access to highly hazardous area, risk free on personnel loss and no need for pilot training;
2 Compared to camera surveillance, the UAV can patrol border areas where cameras are difficult to be mounted in place. The high altitude overlook monitoring function maximizes extent of surveillance, provides better recognition visual angle and delivers effective deterrence to illegal entry as necessary. Moreover, it saves expensive expenditures on installation of cameras in extensive areas as well as subsequent maintenance cost incurred.
3 Access to the immediate information and instant decision;
4 The requirements for landing area is not high. Small planes is operated by hand and big planes are shot out by catapult;
5 The Low cost, flexible performance makes "uavs formation search" in large area possible;
6 Can perform the task at night;
7 Can carry different load, and finish tasks together with climate, territory and other departments .