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The airborne infrared and visible light cameras of the UAV provided by Zero Tech monitor forest fire, transmit to the ground station in a real-time way through NC telemetering circuit, display the fire point and hot point on the numerical map of the ground station, determine whether there is fire point through recognition system and fix the position of fire point accurately. When this UAV is flying above the fire ground, it can transmit the contour, area and spreading speed of the fire ground to the ground control center in a real-time way, monitor how forest fire occurs (especially applicable to initial fire and insidious fire) and fire ground develops to provide reliable information for commanding ground fire suppression.
The advantages of UAV on the forest fire monitoring
1 Achieving same functions as manned aircraft;
2 Low-cost use and maintenance;
3 Applicable to any weather condition and take-off & landing field;
4 No risk of personnel safety;
5 Capable of night flight task;
6 Performing task in low-visible flight conditions (e.g.: smoke);
7 Combined into in-flight monitoring system, working in a wide range and many areas.