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UAVs used for Chinese flood control and inspection can over-looking the retention basin terrain, topography, reservoirs, dikes and risky sections from the air. When encountering danger, unmanned aerial vehicles can overcome unfavorable traffic factors, quickly rush to the dangerous airspace, give a real-time transfer of images and other information to monitor the danger development and provide accurate information for flood control and decision-making.In drought monitoring , instead of going into the fields by worker directly, a UAV can get the water reserves’information of each region and each irrigation district to scientifically control the reservoir storage and finish the water storage and drought fighting work. Besides, it can also fully apprehend the water level changing of the outer river, lakes and inner river.
The unmanned aerial vehicles are especially suitable for the emergency management where  prevention and emergency response play a huge role, which greatly reduces the risk of hazardous work of flood control and drought relief and improves work efficiency.

The advantages of UAV on flood control and drought relief
1 Compared with satellite remote sensing, UAV is free from influence from the restrictions of cloud cover and revisiting period;
2 Compared with manned aircraft remote sensing, UAV has a low operating cost, which eliminates the cost and time of machines adjustment and does not need operator training;
3 Quick access to image data within a short time ,with real-time returns and real-time decision-making;
4 Flexible operation, a small UAV can be carried by a single person and a large UAV, which can be transported only by a van, do not need the take-off site;
5 Can perform a night mission.